One-Year Plan, Preparing for Full-Time RV Living: The First 6 months

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

At the beginning of April 2018, Krista and I decided that living full time in an RV was exactly what our family needed. What we didn’t know at the time was how much there was to know before we can go. We knew that we needed change. We knew that we needed travel. We also knew we needed Nature, Wildlife and Photography. We knew exactly what we needed to have in our lives, we just had no idea what was involved in making it happen. Here is our first 6 months of figuring out how to prepare for a nomadic life.

In the Beginning

Honestly, nothing in this journey to journeying has been without its share of effort. Even the decision to go was made, unmade and remade again, just shy of a thousand times, and that was just the first week. It was a good month before we really had ourselves convinced that we weren’t going to back out. It took even longer to start admitting it to others. Saying it out loud makes it feel more real and I think we just needed to let the reality of all this settle in slowly. We needed to be able to say it to people with confidence, and have some clue what we would say or do when that someone inevitably says “You’re doing what? But that’s STUPID” actual quote, seriously you should have seen her face. I call it a one-year plan, but I don’t think the actual planning came about until we were a couple months into having made the decision to go. At first it was all research.

What we had to learn

(Deep inhale), AC/DC Electric Wiring, RV Electric Wiring, RV Usage, RV Floor-plans, RV and RV Appliance Maintenance, Weight Distribution, Weight Ratings, How to determine your Tow Vehicle’s tow capabilities, Tongue Weight, Diesel Maintenance, (Deep inhale), Nomadic Employment Options, Proper Tire Maintenance, Roadway Navigation Course Plotting (Low Bridge), How to find campsites, dump sites and water sites (primarily free ones), How to record videos, How to edit videos, how to let go of our stuff, and that even though I didn’t mention everything we have had to learn, there is still a LOT more left to learn. Of course, you can expect to find a post on pretty much all of that at some point.

Needless-to-say, it has been a very busy 6 months, but so completely worth the effort. All the countless hours spent learning, learning what else to learn and then learning that, has given us a decent set of tools to help us build this new life. As well as confidence in our decision. It has made it so much easier to start telling people. And when they told us it was stupid, like we knew they would, we were able to informatively tell them how it’s never stupid to chase a dream.

What Else?

In addition to the insanely large list of things we need to learn to ensure we don’t die, kill someone else, or have our home fall into little pieces all around us and America, there have been a few other things that have been vital to making this all work. Our rendition of the nomadic life has us spending the greatest amount of our time boondocking on B.L.M. land (Bureau of Land Management), in National Forests and other similar locations we can find that are free. Each way of travel comes with its own set of difficulties. Ours leaves us in need of power, so solar has taken over a large part of my thinking for the past 4 months. There is also a constant need for water. To take care of this, I am currently looking at getting a Big Berkey and using clean rivers and lakes where available, and trips to town with jugs when they aren’t. Next up is the unavoidable need to dump our tanks. Because we are a family of four and don’t want to be required to leave a campsite just because our black tank is full, dumping becomes a concern. I found a pump and portable tank to help with that. I’ll post a review of it and how I think the setup works after I have a chance to try it out. And last but certainly not least there is the budget. Now for us that is, unfortunately, a fair few bills with set figures that we know going in. But then there is a whole laundry list of items on there that are really just a bunch of guesses until we go out and actually live the budget and see what it really works out to be. Once we do, we will of course share that with you.

Could there Possibly be more

Yes, yes there can. We still need to buy an RV, upgrade our truck, get rid of all our stuff, sell our house, quit my job and get new ones, plus more. Find out how all that goes in the 2nd half of this article.

Thanks for reading and we will talk to you all later.


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