Follow the Norm or Follow Our Dreams?

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

Who are we?

Hello world,

We are Shawn and Krista Adams and our family, Curtis, Paityn, our cat Savannah and our dog Lewsy. We are starting this adventure as pretty much square 1 beginners, who are just hoping we can make a dream come true.

What are we doing?

Only selling pretty much everything we own, including our house, and buying a 33’ Travel Trailer to live in full time while we travel North America, taking pictures. Did I mention that we have never pulled any kind of anything behind anything ever?

Why should any of that matter to you?

Well, as an I.T. guy, my education is completely based in computers and computer systems, not photography. My wife started school for marketing which exposed her to photography. That quickly became her new love and new direction in school. After getting her degree in Photography, she went on to do portraits and weddings, but now we are both changing gears to become traveling photographers and taking our little family with us on an amazing adventure through, hopefully, every state in the U.S. including Alaska, Canada, and just maybe Mexico too. Unfortunately, it isn’t very practical to try and take our RV to Hawaii. It is our intention to chronicle our journey here. So, every new trick we learn, you get to learn. Every mistake we make, you get to see how we make it and what we choose to do about it. Now, for you rookies like me, this mistake thing could be a gold mine. I foresee us making a lot of mistakes which means you don’t have to.

Now, if you are more seasoned than green, whether it’s at Full Time RVing or Photography, please feel free to tell us all about how we are doing it wrong, just make sure to tell us how to do it better too.

What are We THINKING?!?!

I must admit, quitting my very stable and promising I.T. Career at a Minnesota State College, that had a pension and time off for every little thing, not to mention the educational and health benefits, plus the potential to move up, to start a new career in something I have no professional experience in, does sound a bit crazy to me too. Lucky for me, I have my loving wife to remind me that it was really her idea. Mortgages are a scam, interest is ridiculous and we are sick of working our butts off to have just enough money to get all the bills paid and still be in debt. The sticks and bricks way of life has its share up sides but it was no longer the life for us.

Don't get us wrong, we love our house and wouldn't trade the memories we made here for anything,

but we decided there had to be a better way for us to live and definitely new memories to make. We went looking for a way of living that required a dedication to living, not just surviving, and would remove all the weight that comes from the burden of gain. There were a few ideas that went through our minds. But we found that they all included us getting rid of most of our stuff and moving into something smaller. After some time spent researching tiny homes, off grid living and loving the idea of it, but not being able to settle on a single spot that was perfect, we realized that to be “the perfect spot” the spot would need to be able to change on a whim. And so was born, our dream to live the nomadic life.

How are we going to pay for this?

My job has been just enough to not quite make it and her photography business has been just enough to kind of fill the gap. We have been working hard and stressing over bills just like the rest of the world. We decided we wanted a simpler life that was more enjoyable to live and would bring us closer as a family.

Because we made the decision to sell everything and move into an RV, we are now left with a pretty big problem. How are we going to pay for it? I can’t take my job with us. So, we need to figure out how to make money on the road. Enough of it to support a family of 4, a couple of pets, and pay some pretty big fixed monthly payments. All while still meeting our goal of being dedicated to living, not just surviving.

I started researching work-from-home I.T. positions that I could apply to, but the more I looked, the more I realized that it was still that lifestyle, being stuck at work all day and not having time to live, that we were trying to get away from. Then the answer became clear. After Krista became a portrait photographer, I fell in love with nature / wildlife photography, as did Krista. We both wanted travel and nature photography to play a major role in our retirement. And there it is, staring us right in the face, the answer.

Why wait until retirement to start living?

We decided it was time to throw caution to the wind and live our dream now. So, we are going to just go out there and start taking pictures. Hopefully, with the right planning, we can make a dream come true.

There will be a post later all about our budget and how we make ends meet, once we have had time to live it, see the budget work, and actually make ends meet.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know us. Now we look forward to getting to know all of you through your comments on the posts and discussions to come. We invite you to join us on our adventure across North America by visiting our YouTube channel at

Adams Family Snaps.

We hope to see you on the road.

The Adams Family


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Hello world,


We are the Adams Family. Shawn (Dad), Krista (Mom), Curtis (Son), Paityn (Daughter) and of course our pup, Lewsy.


We decided to trade our steady jobs, 1,500 sq. ft house, and no time to spend with each other, for 300 sq. ft. on wheels, Employment that we make ourselves, and adventures that never end.


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