Daily Snap #8

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

A day in the life of a full-time RV family

Starting a business is hard. I have always wanted my own business, and I have always known that a business owner wears many hats, but honestly, I had no idea. Krista and I had this idea to do media processing. That way, people that have already invested their money in camera's and other equipment, so they can document their vacations or whatever, don't have to feel like they have wasted their money on SD cards filled with thousands of pictures or countless video clips, collecting dust in a drawer. Never to be seen again. Instead we can make them into beautiful slideshows or movies that they can watch together and remember.

It sounds real simple, yet here we are, rewriting our business plan, for like the 3rd time, when all I want to do is edit people's vacation videos. At least we are making progress

and there isn't really too much else to do on a rainy day anyway. I give it a day or two and we will start advertising our Grand Opening Special. Stay Tuned.

Thanks for reading and we will talk to you all again tomorrow.

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We are the Adams Family. Shawn (Dad), Krista (Mom), Curtis (Son), Paityn (Daughter) and of course our pup, Lewsy.


We decided to trade our steady jobs, 1,500 sq. ft house, and no time to spend with each other, for 300 sq. ft. on wheels, Employment that we make ourselves, and adventures that never end.


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