Daily Snap #7

A snapshot of a day in the life of a full-time RV family.

While I was at McDonald's waiting, very patiently, for my photos to upload, I looked over and saw this little guy staring at me.

Please excuse the dirty window…MN is dirty. 😉

Right after I took this photo he pooped and hopped away.

To say that we love being in nature and seeing wildlife would be an understatement...hence our current life choices. And lately it seems like the wildlife is calling to us. Just about every time we venture out of the RV we end up stumbling upon animals. Walking to the car the other morning a deer jumped out as I was walking up on it. We’ve had a couple hawks fly right in front of us while driving.

When we were at Rice Creek Regional Campground, we saw this huge, crazy looking beetle that we’ve never seen before called an Eyed Click Beetle.

Just about every house near us has horses, there are coyotes howling at night, and bees.

But the coolest thing happened today as we were on our way to Mike's LP Gas & RV Service to dump our tanks. Next to the trees on the side of the 2-lane road, not much higher than the truck, we see a bald eagle flying towards us with it’s lunch in it’s claws. We aren’t exactly sure what it was, but Shawn said it looked like a baby raccoon or maybe a muskrat. As we drove past, it landed in the tree next to the road. You probably noticed that I don’t have a photo of an eagle on here today. Yeah…I’m a little bitter about it but I couldn’t get my camera out fast enough and I wanted to actually see it with my own eyes so I didn’t get the picture. Had we not had the RV, we would have stopped but it’s hard to pull that beast over quickly.

But Shawn and I swear it happened and it was so super cool!

Even if we have the camera ready, that doesn't mean we'll get a good shot...

Driving down a back road...Shawn gets a shot of this beauty...

then out comes baby...

...and this happens. Sometimes it's just not meant to be.

I suppose since we are not living in the city anymore, it makes sense that we would see more animals. After all, there are more animals around us than humans now…which is weird but cool. I’m excited to see the buffalo in Yellowstone, the grizzly bears in Alaska, the moose in…wherever it is they roam. We will have to get better at documenting those moments in photos so we can share them with you all.

Anyway, it’s time to flip the fish and watch The Matrix. Thanks again for following along with our crazy (and sometimes boring 😉) adventures!



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