Daily Snap #2

A day in the life of a full-time RV family

It's a cloudy rainy day. I ( Shawn ) can't think of a better kind of day to work on my video editing skills. I have been out playing with Dart, that's my Mavic Pro, and I am working on making my first video to be published here on AdamsFamilySnaps.com. So, stay tuned for that.

That's all great and good but what we are REALLY EXCITED to tell you about is happening TONIGHT at 10pm central time on KARE11.

We were in Moose Lake MN having our "new RV blues" addressed, post to come. While driving out to check on a potential boondocking location, we found the oddest of things.

A pond full of painted ducks.

They looked so cool as we drove past them at about 60mph that we decided to stop and take some pics on the way back. After finding out that we have a lot to learn about picking good boondocking sites from Google Earth, we stopped back at the painted ducks, but this time we were not alone.

I took aim and fired off a few shots at the pretty painted ducks but the other hunters we had encountered had turned and taken aim at us.

It was Boyd Huppert and his camera man, sorry I didn't get his name, from KARE11 News. They were there doing a story on this puddle of painted ducks. It started as 1 lonely little duck floating in a pond, but over the past couple of years, has turned into a whole flock that returns to this same pond every year.

I am sure Boyd will tell the story better than I can so I will leave it to him to fill you in on all the details. There is a preview of the story here . Tune into KARE11 News tonight at 10:00pm to see the full details.

Thanks for reading and we will talk to you all again tomorrow.


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