Daily Snap #17

A day in the life of a full-time RV family

Well, here we are. 90 days of living in under 300sq ft!!!

I can’t think of a better day than this, for our wonderful 9-year-old daughter to have her first Black Bear sighting!! And they were babies!!! It’s only the 2nd time for both me and Krista.

But as they say, “If there’s no picture then it didn’t happen”.

Well, BAM! Here ya go!

We have been wanting, so very bad, to see a bear. Then, just like that, out of nowhere, 2 babies are crossing the street right in front of us. And then, just like that, they were gone. I was so caught up in the moment with the cubs that I totally missed the big brown owl flying off to the right of us.

But, unless you call this picture proof,

I guess it didn’t really happen.

In my defense, I was shooting from the hip. My eye wasn't even close to the camera.

What an amazing way to celebrate our 90 days home free.

We saw a ton of deer too. After passing a bunch, we decided to pull over and get a few shots of a group of bucks.

And even got a pretty nice pic of a beautiful fawn.

Floating on a lake, visiting with Grampa Bill, all the deer, the owl, the bears, honestly, I couldn’t have expected this day to go any better.

We still have some things to get worked out, and, at times, things can get pretty stressful. Full disclosure, more than once, I have asked myself if we are making a huge mistake. Then things like this happen and I just can’t see me ever living any other way.

We are just a few days from having a big ol’ camping weekend here at my friends’ cabin and we are all very excited for that.

Once again I thank you for reading and we will talk to you all later.


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