Daily Snap #16

A day in the life of a full-time RV Family

Oh My!

Talk about stressful, we just moved 10 times in the past 2 weeks.

I swear we had a sound, thought out plan. We didn't just jump into it all willy-nilly like. We found a couple of boondocking locations, that turned out to be very good spots...for the people that got there when we had intended to. Those 2 sites would have been all of the moving we needed to do for the whole month, but life had a different course in mind and sent us down Sister Lake Rd. That is where our trip North turned South.

It all started when we set out in the beginning of July. We left our friend's house in Stillwater on our way to spend a month exploring the Great North Woods of Minnesota. We stopped for the night at the parking lot of Grand Casino Hinckley. The next day, we made our way to a parking lot in Silver Bay for a couple of nights before heading further north.

As we made our way to our first boondocking site on Harriet Lake, we slowed to turn down the ATV trail that Google Maps called "the best road" to our destination, and the brakes didn't really want to stop us, leaving most of the work to the trailer brakes. Then when we went to turn, the power steering wasn't acting right either. We were so focused on our destination that we didn't give those issues the attention that they really deserved. So, we continued down Sister Lake "Road" but ended up spending a couple hours trying to turn around instead.

After finally getting out of that mess, we decided the truck needed to be looked at before boondocking for a month. So we decided to head back to Finland and figure out our options. On the way, we spotted a parking lot at a boat launch in Finland State Forest and decided to make camp there for the night. At least that was on an absolutely beautiful lake.

The next day, we made it to Finland State campground.

After the truck was fixed, we were called away to do a Real Estate Photo Shoot that sent us back south. Our first stop was the parking lot of Black Bear Casino.

Then, we spent a few mosquito filled days in the parking lot at the Bruno City Park...

and then headed to the Forest Lake Walmart parking lot for 2 nights to take care of some errands.

After that, we spent a night in the parking lot at Cabela's in Rogers so Krista could take advantage of one more photo shoot before picking up some family heirloom stuff in St. Paul that we needed to bring to Frederic, Wisconsin. So, we went ahead and got that taken care of which gave us 1 great day with Krista's step-dad.

Now, thanks to our very good friends Will and Alissa, we finally have some time to sit in one place and recenter ourselves. I hear floating in a lake can help with that. I think I will go give that a try.

Hopefully the next week will be the one that brings us back to the land of the Employed, making this AMAZING lifestyle sustainable.

Once again I thank you for reading, and we will talk to you all later.


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