Daily Snap #15

A day in the life of a full-time RV family.

Well, after a number of attempts, we still have not been able to get the message saying the DPF is cleaning to go away and stay gone. Also, the check engine light is still on. So we decided to risk it and we made it to a Chevy dealer in Duluth, after we called twice and never got a call back. And the guy that Shawn talked to said, "Uh, yeah, that shouldn't be happening. But you should be fine to drive it. But if the check engine light starts blinking, pull over right away."

Uh, ok. I guess we'll move along then...

So we stopped for the night at Black Bear Casino.

And we would like to thank them for a nice spot to pull over and have a fabulous buffet dinner...

with a 2-hour wait...

which, in hindsight...duh...

5:30 on a Friday at a casino...


This is a nice little spot to take your shoes off in the grass and it's right behind the casino where the RVs park.

It was worth the wait though. Shawn was happy, it was seafood night. Crab legs galore, shrimp made many ways, fried fish (YUM!!!), bbq ribs (YUM YUM!!!), and on and on...we are all stuffed.

We have a stop to make in Moose Lake to deliver the first ever "Adams Family Snaps Production" (vacation video Shawn edited) tomorrow and we'll be on our way to...

...probably a different Chevy dealer to figure out what our issue is with the truck. Yay.


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