Daily Snap #14

A day in the life of a full-time RV family.

The Good:

Spending time with the one you love in a beautiful place is the best.

Sharing it with family and friends and documenting it is the main reason for our blog and YouTube channel (it's coming I promise). If we could bring everyone we love with us, we would.

Well, we'd try anyway. That would be a lot of people to wrangle together all at once.

The Bad:

Truck troubles.

We did get the truck back today and it ran like a beast, but now the engine light is on again and the "drive until exhaust message clears" message comes on and we can't get it to clear. We have lots of learning to do when it comes to diesel trucks...but we'll get there.

And the "Why Did I Do That???":

Uh...yeah...this happened.

Note to self:

Don't leave the bag of marshmallows on the stove when using the oven.

Nuf said.

On the bright side, Shawn got the drone in the air today and it's always fun to see what he comes back with.

Every day has it's own set of new challenges, but our bellies are full and so are our hearts.

But my feet are cold and it's time for bed.

Until next time...don't forget to stop and smell the roses or daisies or whatever beautiful flower crosses your path.

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We are the Adams Family. Shawn (Dad), Krista (Mom), Curtis (Son), Paityn (Daughter) and of course our pup, Lewsy.


We decided to trade our steady jobs, 1,500 sq. ft house, and no time to spend with each other, for 300 sq. ft. on wheels, Employment that we make ourselves, and adventures that never end.


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