Daily Snap #12

A day in the life of a full-time RV family

We are still in Silver Bay, Minnesota.

Black Beach on the North Shore, Lake Superior, Silver Bay Minnesota

But out of all the small towns you could get stuck in for 2 days, I would have to say that this one isn't too darn bad.

Yeah, the "Plan" was supposed to be a 1day trip from Stillwater to somewhere in the North Woods. Then the "Plan" was to stay 1 night in Hinckley and go straight to the North Woods first thing in the morning. Next the "Plan" was to stay 1 night in Silver Bay so we could pull into the camp site in the morning. We are now ending day 3 and we are no closer than we were at the end of day 2. The new "Plan" is to stay here one more night and head out first thing in the morning. Again. Work things popped up and we had to adjust a few things. So, we weren't sure if we were still heading into the woods or if we were turning around and heading back south. Thankfully, we are in fact heading into the woods. just not for as long as we had "Planned".

I think we are still too new at this lifestyle to think we really know much of anything about the full-time RV life, but 1 thing we are quickly learning is that RV living, for us, means that this whole "planning" idea is more or less a thing of the past. Not because we are through with all that structure stuff and throwing our lives to the wind, but rather because every plan we have made since the move hasn't gone at all like we have planned it. At this point, I think we are best off to make general ideas and leave a whole bunch of room for life to make its necessary changes to those ideas.

On the bright side, I forgot to mention yesterday, that we are unsure of our cell signal at the place we are headed. We

have a WeBoost RV 65 that is still in the box. Waiting on this very opportunity for us to record an install video and write a review letting you all know if its worth the $650 price tag attached to it.

If we have no signal then we will be unable to do the Daily Snaps ,Instagram and Facebook posts. Sorry ahead of time.

We wanted to leave you all with this sunset shot from our current parking lot home

and this song that we like to listen to while watching the sunset, by Nahko Bear and Medicine for the People, saying Goodnight to the Sun.

I hope you enjoy and hopefully we will talk to you all tomorrow.

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