Daily Snap # 11

A day in the life of a full-time RV family

"I had no IDEA it was going to be THIS PRETTY!!"

That was the words of our 9 year old daughter, Paityn, when we reached the end of the trail to the overlook in Silver Bay, Minnesota, and saw this.

I am so excited for that little girl. She has no idea of the views in her future.

We found a few possible boondocking locations and they are all in the same area of each other. So, we picked our favorite and stopped in town about an hour away, Silver Bay on the Big Lake they call Gichigami Otherwise known as Lake Superior, to stay for the night. Then head on to the campsite on Harriet Lake in the morning. That way, if we get to the site and it isn't all we hope it will be, we will still have plenty of time to look at the other options in the area.

The place we are staying tonight is pretty awesome. It is a small parking lot. Not the most level but workable. It is located at the bottom of an overlook that offers the above view. Not only is it a free place to stay for a night, but it even has a dump station that is donation only! How cool is that?

Well, it's late and we want to get an early start. We won't. But we DO want to. So, I am going to head to bed.

Thanks for reading and we will talk to you all tomorrow.

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