Daily Snap #1

A day in the life of a full-time RV family

Hello all. This is Shawn,

We're 2 months into full-time RV living and we find ourselves mooch-docking at the home of our very good friends, Ron and Celia. One of the many, many things these two beautiful people are great at is lighting fires where they need to be lit. Krista and I have been so wrapped up in figuring out how to manage life with a 9-year-old, in less than 300sq feet of indoor living space, that we have neglected to do anything at all with our blog. OK Celia, the fire is lit.

We decided we want to share with all of you, our Daily Snaps. A daily snapshot of our lives as a full-time RV family. It seems like a good way for us to share all the great things about this lifestyle while not withholding the bumps in the road, or the routine of everyday living. Have no fear, we still plan on doing all of our "How To" posts as well as Product and Campsite Reviews, Photography, Videography and Drone related posts, plus whatever else may pop into our heads.

In our Daily Snaps, you will find a daily Pic or 3 plus a quick update of what’s up with the Adams Family.

Well... guess that brings us to today’s Daily Snap.

Here at Ron's we are constantly being exposed to new things. It could be anything from tending bees to brewing beer. If you couldn't guess, today it was welding.

Excellent food and Excellent company is a great way to spend any evening but its even better when it is accompanied by new experiences. I haven't welded anything since 9th grade and that poor guitar stand fell apart about a week or two after I brought it home. I think I did a bit better this time. Thanks Ron.

We have been working on some new product ideas that we are chomping at the bit to share with you all. There will be more coming on that. Also we are finally getting to work on our Facebook page so that will be coming soon. Of course, we are still posting to Instagram regularly. I am about 80% done with this solar install and I just can't wait to share all of that with you too. Not to mention all the work we just had done to our home that we're eager to tell you about.

My goodness there is so much to do. Guess I should get started.

Thanks for reading and we will talk to you all again tomorrow.

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We are the Adams Family. Shawn (Dad), Krista (Mom), Curtis (Son), Paityn (Daughter) and of course our pup, Lewsy.


We decided to trade our steady jobs, 1,500 sq. ft house, and no time to spend with each other, for 300 sq. ft. on wheels, Employment that we make ourselves, and adventures that never end.


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